Bad swim start to a good bike ending of the day

tisdag, oktober 29, 2013

Woke up early for a sim session before work.
The weeks first is always the hardest to get up.
Almost that I have to set alarm clocks all the way to the car with one minute delay.
But I would probably ignore the ones outside and fall asleep in the hallway, hehe

Morning view

Started with 400m warmup and did my first set of drills. After 30min on doing some breaststrokes my heart rate just went bananas.  I have a issue with my heart nothing serious (checked it really a lot) but i get could call it double heart rate. Mostly unpleasant. Usually it goes away fast, but this one lasted. So had to quit and went home for some rest before work. Not so glad about but it happens. So far once a year only and i winter. At least got 30min swim

Went to work and everything with that.
Home and went out cruising just on my mtb around town for 45 min then time for trainer.

Did 55 min with trainer road. Went quite well, had more to give than i thought. Always fun.
Noticing that i'm getting some more strength. Been pushing some more vo2 lately than i'm used to.

Todays Trainer road.

Now couch surfing and probably watch a movie.
Should do some stretching, but do it tomorrow after the run. But first morning swim.
Hope the swim will go better. It gets to you, the worst part is that you never know when it going to happen again, hopefully next year.

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