Misery Duathlon

söndag, oktober 27, 2013

Today I went out to Vallentuna for for something called Misery Duathlon (Misär Duathlon) hosted by Rogo and Lena from my Triathlon club. The idea is a duathlon gathering in muddy and wet conditions.

But we got a way to nice day.
Actually it was raining this morning and was quite happy but it stopped quite soon. So we had to spend the day under the sun in quite warm condition for this time of year (app. 12c). How often do you complain about that?

It wasn't an actual race, more a gathering. But that cant stop some sprints. =) 
First it was 6km run with stop every 1km for pushups etc. 
Then bike (for some hour) mixed Gravel, Tarmac, Dirt and woods. Then 5km run.

Transition area. Yeah I took the slide ;)

Really Nice day

Up with front cyclist

Late spring colors

Sprint pic

Bit to dry today

One of the stops

Had a awesome day and nice to meet everyone from the my club.

The first run went really good, a little pain in the hip but not to bad.
The bike part was really fun, but smashed my legs a little to hard for the last run.
Last runt shortened down to 2,5km for me. 

Cant wait to April/May when all races starts again =)

Se if I can get a video up later, had my Gopro on the bike.

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