Weekend Update

måndag, november 04, 2013

Had a really good weekend. Felt really long but in good way. Did tons of stuff.

Friday was rest day, went to Stockholm and Fridays's for some burgers and ribbs.
Meet up with some of her friends.  We weren't out too late and aimed for Saturday morning swim.

Woke up early on Saturday, early for a Saturday at least at 7. Felt really tired and decided to skip the
swim, already got 4 swim sessions this week anyway.  So relaxed and took along breakfast instead.

Then out to Märsta and helped out my mother and went by the graveyard and visited my Father. In Sweden it was Alla Helgona (swedish halloween). Typical to visit the graveyard then.

Märsta is a really small town, me and Jessica picked up my mother, went for a coffe and left her at home and then home. On that trip we stopped for around 15 red lights. Ridicules many lights and everyone was red!

After we got home jumped on the trainer.
Did a 9 X 3 min intervals, did feel quite  good. Got the most out on the last and total 1h on the bike.

My pain cave  Corner!

Since it was still light outside I thought it would be good to clean up some bikes. So my Mtb and Cyclocross got some quality time together. 

Cleaning time.

The evening had a nice dinner with Jessica and some wine. 

Sunday, up at 8 and went down to the pool and meet up Stefan for a Swim session.
Around a hour there, did feel tired in my body. 

Then we went direct to my Place for a 2h Trainer session. 

These 2 hours was probably the longest in my life. Diden't feel so well and time stood still.
My watts was looow, i'm talking about really low. I have warmed up with higher watts.

Toke a shower and some lunch and then passed out on the bed. Totally wasted.
Jessica woke me up after around 4 hours and said I have to get up to get some sleep later.
I didn't think hat would be a problem. But got up , had some dinner watched tv and around
9 was back in bed. Did not have a problem to sleep. 

Today I was kind of ok, maybe got a cold light. 
But my son got fewer and really low so we will be having a relax day from kindergarden and work tomorrow. I guess Lightning Mcqeen X 1000, hehe 

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