Take care of your wound

torsdag, november 07, 2013

2 week ago I got a little wound on side of my foot while playing with my son in the kids pool.
Was a small cut but hurt quite good, but didn't think so much about it.
Cleaned it first days then forgot about it. It hurt a little walking, but kind of got used to it.

Got worse some day ago, and got convinced to go to the doc.
Either that or get the wound a heart rate strap of it own. I promise you it had it's own pulse.
The doc was probably cheaper also, hehe

I don't why, but feels bad just coming it with a small wound. If I go to the doc I want come with some body parts in a bag and ask to get them reattached. Or if I have a cold. When a man got a cold it's not to mess with, hehe

Thought I would get it cleaned and thrown out.
But was more: humm, uhmmm, hmmm, does this hurt?
*mutha******* yes *. It's one of those stupid questions you have to get. Like IT support when your computer is dead: "Have you turned it on?" Actually I work with it and it has happened that it wasn't turned on.
- "Should the light be on?"
-  No that light is only for Christmas!

Anyway, it had got infected and got a week without training and antibiotics.
Really sucks, had big plans on getting back on track. At least it's off season.
But a couple off more setbacks and it will be on season and cheering in the crowd instead.

Glad I got convinced to go to the doc. Otherwise I would be running tonight even the pain.
So even if it's a small cut take care of it, specially in places where it can turn bad.

I spared you image of the actual wound =)

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