Slow days and hip check

onsdag, november 06, 2013

Been a couple of slow days this week.
My son been sick with fever so we have been home Tuesday & Wednesday.

Watched a lot movies a just taking it easy.
Probably good for me also, feel that I got a light cold.
Been a lot electric car game racing. So much that we ended up putting a Gopro camera on it, hehe
It actually was strong enough to drive around on it on top. Maybe a bit unstable in the corners.
Will put together a video someday this week. Probably weekend promised my son we would do it together.

Today I was out to Stockholm to visit my latest chiropractor
She id god, but a bit to far. The visit takes 30 min and the trip 1.30.

The good news was that nothing was really wrong.

The bad news was we didn't find anything wrong.

You want to find something wrong (that is fixable) since I got a problem.

At least it's going better. Been doing some strength training and stretched so much that it has become fun to watch paint dry. 

Doing test runt nr 147 tomorrow, dont know when to say that i'm fixed. First step is probably running 10k without any issues. When i can go 20k i'll be happy and jump back on my training plan.

Here is pick from the car game at least =)

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