30k test run, swim and the rest of the weekend

söndag, april 28, 2013

Today in finally got out on a longer run. Target was 30km trying to hold the at 5.00 min/km.
You know the feel'ing getting to around 5km and the legs feel like shit, crap 25 to go, hehe
My biggest hope laid to that the legs would wake upp, that didn't happen but it diden't get worse at least.

The runt went quite good overall, hade more water with me today on a water bottle belt that almost drove me crazy. Instead of sitting around the hip it turned all the time so all the 4 bottles was on my right side and jumped upp around my stomach so had pull it down all the time. My drink plan was first bottle after 10k then the other 3 every 5k. Worked good but think i still got dehydrated, having worst headache all day after. Need more to drink, and not so much wine the evening before, hehe

Last 5k från 25 to 30 was pure hell today. It was pure survival just keeping my eye on the pace and trying not to lose to much.

Finally reached 30k with a pace of 5.03 (2.31 h:m) felt good. Around 1 month left to Stockholm marathon and then I have to run 12k longer and 5 sekond faster pace per km. *Puhh*
But I feel faster that earlier years. =)

  Finally done!

Nice run weather, mixed sun and cloudy.

Had a constant increase in HR. The effort was quite constant, of course getting more tired, but could be dehydration also. 

Saturday was down early for some swimming.
It moving forward. Did 10 X 100m and have improved my times with at least 5- sec average per 100. 

The rest of the weekend has been really busy in a good way with my son. Been outdoors almost all the time. Fixed some stuff at home, soccer, bike. First BBQ for the year, wohoo. Today we even eat breakfast outdoors. 

Soccer with my son.

First breakfast outdoors =)

Even got time for some bike work.

So next week, going to bit less training. Se how my legs feel tomorrow.
Duathlon race on Wednesday. Maybe a Timetrial on Wednesday evening.
Half marathon on Saturday. 

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