Update from latest weeks

onsdag, april 24, 2013

Been a while since i updated anything around here.
It has been quite intense weeks trying to get everything together.
Somebody should have told me how much time triathlon takes, hehe
Hitting the pillow at 9 in the evening, and yeah were talking weekends also.
Almost that my 5 years old son is putting me to bed and reading Mccormacks book as bedtime story for me. Actually the weeks with my son has been quite calm, probably that keeps me going.

Did my final week with greater amount of training last week.
This year I have started quite good. Have a average of 12-13 hours weeks and 6 hours on the weeks that I hade my son. Since there has been some lack of distance training there have been a lot of 30min - 2 hour sessions .  Now cutting down on sessions and aiming for more quality.

Spring has also finally came to Sweden, wohhoo.
Done a duathlon training-race last weekend, was really fun and i learned a lot.
Samme weekend, got my first longer ride on my TT bike.

My transition area for the duathlon.  Awesome day

Day after, first long ride on the TT bike. 

Enjoying that spring has finally came.

Running has gone quite good, missing some longer runs, lately just got one 25km run. And totally hit the wall. To hilly course and going out way to hard. Been mostly having 15km runs in fast pace.

Swimming is going good also and improving times in the pool. Always fun when its moving forward.

Think i got an quite nice balance even if it always feels like you're missing an run, swim, or bike ride.

Next week feels like race season is really starting.
Duathlon race on Wednesday and a half marathon on Saturday in Stockholm.
Doesn't feel like i'm ready for race, but just go all in and se how far it takes me. 

This week has been mostly (very much needed) rest.
Week with my son, loving every moment with him, really empty at home the other weeks.
Started to train on bike riding with him. Hopefully he's going by himself by the end of the week =).

Will update this blog a lot more often now. Have to keep myself from jumping on the trainer all the time now ;). Goal is something almost everyday, lets se how that goes. 

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