Got a cold or pollen allergy

torsdag, april 25, 2013

Feeling kind of crapy today. Don't really know if it's my pollen allergy that is kicking in or if i got a cold. Sneezing the whole evening. I could go down to the pool stick my head under the water and drive around like a water jet.

Really tired also, went of for a run today, goal of keeping 4.30 min/km pace for 11km.
Started ok, tired legs but felt quite easy anyway, then after 2k I had to really struggle to keep it upp.
Kind of went south from there. Did some damage control the last bit and came home with a 4.43 pace. But my heart rate was bit high today.  Have three alternatives: Cold, Overtraining and allergy. Rest and take my allergy medicine and se how things work out. Not the best timing for a cold right now!

My heart rate for today. High for the effort. 

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