How to upload your Garmin watch data to Garmin connect with an Android phone

fredag, augusti 09, 2013

This solution, Uploading Garmin data with an mobile (android) phone was high up on my wish list. I wanted to be able to upload my activity wherever i was.
Or not needing to start up my computer just for it. I seem to use my laptop less these days. For you with Apple and Tablet devices there is link to DC Rainmaker in the bottom of the page so you can be happy also =)

To get this working you need:

Here what i went with: SE Xperia Active and Garmin FR610.

First of I had to do some changes in settings to get it to work with the built in Ant+ in my phone.
The Force ANT+ scan had to be checked. Don't think you have to do it with an external ANT+ device.
It seems like theiternal ANT+ doesent wake up without the Force Scan.

This is the start screen, first time it will be emty. This software does not sync with Garmin Connect, just uploading files and keep files from the watch. Click on get activities to get started.

Now its searching for the watch. Don't forget to confirm the pairing on the watch.
I really like the transfer log, seeing what is going on rather than just waiting.

Connected and receiving data *bring out the popcorn*
It only upload new files.

Finished, *bring out the champagne* (but don't open it yet)

Click on the activity you want to upload and get some champagne glass.

You will a quite simple view of the activity. Choose export.

And here you can choose where you want to upload it.
After that you're done (yeah i forgot to take the most important "finished" screenshot).

Now you can open the champagne =)

And here is the Link to DC Rainmaker for the other devices and more help connecting a ANT+ plus device to your equipment.

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