Time Trial: Smack Lindholmen

onsdag, september 05, 2012

Today was the last Time Trial in the Smack series for this year.
Short track with 14 km.

My first ride on my TT bike, was a lot more fun having a TT bike rather than my Road bike.
But I haven't had time to set it up yet.
Warmup on the trainer feeling quite good. A little tired legs and some pain in my foot, but didn't disturb me so much.

The race didn't really go so good. My seat is way to low as soon as i hit a hill i had no power just a collection of Lactacid, hehe
My average speed was higher on my Road bike last race that was 30km that this 14km race on TT bike.

But it was fun, really like this series. Looking forward to next year.

Warmup with Stefan

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