Last run before Stockholm Half Marathon

torsdag, september 13, 2012

This week i been feeling all worn out. Don't know if had a cold coming up or just wasted.
Last Sunday i had ended early because of hurting knee. I had also pain on top of my foot, the laces on the shoes really hurt.

So had a rather bad start of the week.

Today I went out for a easy run to keep my legs alive. Didn't feel so much for running today, but had some one to watch my son so i wen't out just to run the pace I feelt like today.

Was a really nice evening to run. Probably the last one i will do in shorts and t-shirt.

After the runt i grabbed an Gainomax recover drink and some water and headed for the shower.
Feel much more alive after that. Like switching on the lights. After I put my son to bed I went and cleaned the apartment for 2 hours and prepared for the pancakes tomorrow (my son and I always eat pancakes on Fridays =) ). Got tons of stuff done on the computer also.

Just hoping that this feeling will last to Saturday for Stockholm Half Marathon.
Not biggest fan of the distance 21km but actually looking forward to it now.

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