Feeling like crap and tired legs - Going as planned!

onsdag, september 26, 2012

Now it's only three days left, of course starting to feel crappy.
I dont know why I always feel like this last days, not directly encouraging, hehe

I was out for a short run yesterday. It felt awesome the beginning, usually I look like an 60 years old when I start until I loosens up. But yesterday I was ready to hit it from the first step. Yeah, i'm in good shape! That lasted for around 4-5 k , then ow fuck. My legs was completely out. Suffered around the last 4k home.

The positive thing is that I usually have a bad last run before a race.
Hey, better have it before than on the race. (ok I would probably look at in different way if I had a good run, ehhe)

So basically things are going like planned.
Just waiting for that nervous felling and we are ready to go. =)

Since it is a terrain run, weather does have a big effect.
So far the weather looks alright, been raining a lot lately but the next couple of days look good.

Tomorrow I will start stuffing down extra Carbs.
Usually emptying my carb storage before, but skipped it this time, feeling like crap as it is.

Just hoping that it is my usual pre race feeling and that i'm actually not really getting sick.

So last days, rest, eat and drink a lot of water.

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