Smack Time Trial

torsdag, augusti 16, 2012

Here comes a little late update from yesterday, long day today.

Was out yesterday and rode one of the local bike clubs Time Trial.
It's a training/competion that goes almost every Wednesday.

I decided around lunch yesterday to give it a go.
I have my son this week, so had some planning to fix and my mother came over to help.

Stefan picked me up and we arrived around one hour before the race.
Had time for some warmup and chat with some people.

Started with nr 53, my legs was really tired, just no force in the legs.
After 10-15 minutes it feelt a lot better and could keep a more even pace.

You loose a little motivation when you are almost ripping the bike in pieces while
try'ing to go as fast as possible and some goes by with an TT bike and it looks so smooth.
That guy is probably suffering also but the only thing you hear is woom woom woom.

Last time i rode an TT i set an goal to keep an avg speed of 35kmh.
So put the bar at the same level yesterday since the track was 10k longer (30k).

Since i dont have an Power meter or equal bike looking at the avg kmh is the thing i can compare.

Anyway I got over 36kmh in average and quite happy with that. At least an improvement.
Yesterday I had clip on TT bars helped a little.

Also tried my Triathlon Race suit (one piece). Felt weird without arms and padding but worked ok.
This was the only chanse I had to try it before Stockholm Triathlon.

A little chat after warmup


Coming back.

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