Back from an blogg break

tisdag, augusti 14, 2012

Had en little break from this blogg, or actually I have starten blogging on an Swedish running
site also So put some energy there.

I going to mostly write about Running there and Bike'ing here. Of course gona write a little of evereything everywhere =). Can se all the late nights, ehhe

My vacation has ended also and started working after 4 weeks off yesterday.
Had really good training at least 2 of the weeks when I diden't have my son.

Feeling it great form right now and this weekend is start for all the races this Spring.
I have mostly Running races both 10k's, trail half marathons and Marathon.

But most exciting is Stockholm Triathlon, doing the olympic distance.
Really looking forward to it. Next next weekend on Sunday =)
I will probably suck at the swimming and Transitions but think i might get taste for it =).

This week I have my son and quite tired after getting upp early and getting the everyday rutinens back.
So not much training, since i got over 20 hours training last week it might be good with some rest.
Foam roller and some rehab exercises and some running on Thursday to wake upp the legs.

There is going to a lot bike'ing also.
No race planned so far, but there is a lot of races come'ing up so you never know =)
My Mtb is going really well also, really love'ing the 29er.

Last weekend ride.

Go'ing to try to keep everything up to date as much as possible here now =)

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