Midnattsloppet 10k run in Stockholm

söndag, augusti 19, 2012

Yesterday was a run race called Midnattsloppet, the translation would be Midnight run.

Even if it is a race with timing chip and everything, this race is more of a Runner party.
The atmosphere is awesome every one is happy and cheering.
A cool thing is that everyone has the same t-shirt. All 30.000 people.

Came in quite early yesterday, since I left of my son around the corner at his grandma.
Had time to take it easy an just chill for some hour.

Before race

Meet up some friends and 45 min before start me and a friend went up to start.
We stood right behind the Elite runners. I was just thinking, shit this start is going to be fast.

I was right, the start was really fast, i took a quit look after around 100-200m and its was 3.14 min/km pace. Huhh.  Its like my 400m sprint interval pace, hehehe

Slowed down a little after that.
Around halfway i felt quite out of energy. Got some stomach pain also.
Probably because of the gel I took right before start, should have taken some water with that.

I ran in on 42.44 (min.sek) and the time felt ok, I was happy with it.
Knew that i wasn't in good shape, and the track isn't one that you set your new personal record on.

Afterwards we went out to the pub and celebrated, wery crowd with a lot of runners =)

Was a really great night, looking forward to next year' s race.

This years t-shirt

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