Ready for Challenge Roth!

fredag, juli 15, 2016

Down i Germany right now. We arrived yesterday after a long day. Left home 10 in the morning and arrived around 5 in the afternoon. After a hell of a flight to Munchen (I kind of afraid of flying and it was a bumpy ride all the way (2hours)). Then we had a really expensive (120€) train ride to Nurnberg and finished of with a 10 min walk from the station.  Geting around by train was really easy here, ever with their enormous track system and different trains. 

Nurnberg is really nice city.

First evening was just out to get some food and then to the hotell rest and put the bike together.
I love travelling with the Cannondale Slice. It's like 5 min and youre ready. It's only that the Garmin Shit vectors takes twice the time. This time they even worked right away. My friend didn't get them to work at all after travelling down here. 

My Cannondale ready to roll.

Today me and Jessica was invited by a couple of triathletes from another tri club in Stockholm (spif) to what has become the Swedish Headquarter of Roth. They are living with probably one of the kindest person that is very interested in the race. He is arranging everything for the Swedish spectators, bikes schedule, where to go, etc. Was little worried before because in this race its big distances between places to se and Jessica is pregnant also. No need to be worried, she is gone have the best guide ever. He's even driving me in the morning from the station. There not so many of that kind of people. 

Swedish squad and Spectator Organiser =)

After we (Swedish squad) had lunch Martin & Anna drove us to the expo and register.
Really big expo, biggest i've been to. The whole city of Roth is just like Triathlon Mode.
So cool to be here and experience this.  Ironman has it's thing, the trucks coming in and branding things. But this if different, everyone seems to love this. Buying tickets in the train station in Nurnberg they want to talk about the race, in the hotell they say how much they love the race. It's different, not all about the money.  

Afternoon after we got back to the hotell I went out for a short run, 3km.
Started of like a boring back of the city run and after 1km came to this big park, awsome!
Not so super good run, think a bit of travel still in the legs. 

After dinner it was packing time.

Tomorrow, it's check in and meeting Martin & Anna there + some more swedes. Then going to race meeting and after that probably entering my little nervous bubble and trying to get some sleep.   

This is gone be so Awesome!

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