Race Week is here - Challenge Roth

måndag, juli 11, 2016

It's has come down to race week for Challenge Roth.
It's the time when you start to feel som soreness in your throat,  your knees are giving you some weird noises and don´t talk about the form!  You're hitting zone 5 when getting from the bed to the coffe machine.  Did I mention the fever (or is it just the summer heat?).

I have been waiting a year for next Sunday, and right now it's like WTF already!

I think my form is good maybe ok, my ftp might have dropped little since spring. Then I was probably so happy getting outside from the trainer that I didn't feel the pain. Now i'm got more comfortable and turning around when I se a big hill..

The run is a catastrophe. Missed to many long runs and dont have any rund over 20-25km.
And they aren't pretty. If you look at the tracks after my last 5 km, it look like someone has buried a dead animal.

At least my swim feels good, even I did and DNF in Challenge Barcelona due to the waves.
I was top 15 in Stockholm Triathlon swimwise and in Roth there is no waves. YAAYYY

So this week it's all about the last preparations. Right now I need Sleep.
Tomorrow  I get my nutrition plan together and try to post this weeks progress.

This race will probably be the last in a while where I can put a lot of time and training for it.
We are getting twins this winter and guess my training sessions are going down.

So I got one shoot to make a really good race to suck on for a while..

Pic from Challenge Roth Facebook page

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