Weekend Activities

måndag, januari 28, 2013

Had a great week'end with a lot of outdoor time.

My original plan was getting up early on Saturday for some swimming. 
Apparently my neighbor was out to the club and have'ing an after party so I didn't get my beauty sleep I need to get into a pair of speedos. ;). Actually sooo tired so went to sleep one more hour to 8 am.

Talked with a friend and we got out for some long distance ice skateing on an local lake instead.
Was really fun. First go this year on the skates. Took some time to get used to it. A lot of cracks
in the ice, almost went down a couple of times but with my super smooth style and a lot of luck i made it. We took 2 loops for about 2 hours.

Afternoon spent with some some coffe and visits to a couple of sport stores. Got a non training winter cap/hat that seem to happen only every second years, hehe

Sunday morning was time for a bike ride outdoors.
Just jumping on my bike to get away and got a flat tire. About 10 min to ride to the meet up and I got 12 min. Changing tube with a cyclocross spike tire is hell! But did a WR spring and made it =).

We did hill sprints and resulted in sore legs, the good kind of sore =)
Went for some bonus time and winded up back home after 2 hours with freezing fingers and toes.

Later or actually at 8 in the evening i was standing out side with spikes again. This time on my running shoes (icebugs). Went out for a 13km run with a couple of local (tri) guys. I was looking forward to a nice and calm runt. Winded up almost like a race, hehe. 

Hit the pillow quite hard yesterday night.

Now I'm looking forward to a week with my son, will probably look something more like this with a lot of fun =)

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