One week to Nice - Cannes Marathon

fredag, oktober 26, 2012

Next Sunday is my last big race for this year: Marathon des alpes-maritimes (Nice - Cannes) in France.
Leaving Sweden on Friday and coming home on Monday. Going to be a great weekend, going with my friend Christian. It's going to be a more of a fun thing to finnish of this season of running.

My form right now isn't directly on top, i'm a bit overtrained and been with my kid who is been sick almost all week in fever. Hope i don't catch anything.

This two last week beens most resting and maintenance running around 1k run's.
Did my last long run last Saturday with an 25k sub 5 kmh/m pace.

Next week might do some swimming and just loading for the race =)

My only nightmare is that I'm afraid of flying.
Quite fun when i'm an educated flight mechanic even worked with it and worked with cabin training and on pilot training. Should know how safe it is. But know a lot of shit that can go wrong also, hehe
On the way home i can at least take a couple of drinks ;)

This dosen't look to bad, just around the first snow coming down here in Sweden.

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