Hässelbyloppet, last 10k race this year

söndag, oktober 14, 2012

Today I had my last 10k race for this year. *finnaly* hehe
The whole week I have been completely wasted. Right after my son has gone to bed at 8pm i've been sleeping on the sofa or something. Caffein has had the same effect on me as if you were going to fight a  Samuraj master with a toothpick. (probably even screwed the other way around also, hehe)

But still I stood there on the starting line with a goal of at least doing personal best. My original goal was sub 40min. Maybe I should have set my goal not getting a heart attack. hehe

Started fine with a 3.52 min/km pace on the first k.
Second k did a 3.50 pace and feeling ok, thinking wtf I think I can hold this pace. I knew that I wouldn't but hey I was cheering for myself, hehe.
Reality was more that I hoped that I wouldn't drop so much. After 3k i droped to 3.06 still ok.

4k and big f** chinese wall hit me right in the face!
Pretty much had energy to hit speed dial for a cab. Hoped this was just a short dip.
It wasent!

When sub 40 went away, then my PB, so was my motivation.

Saw later a someone from my club (väsby triathlon) so hit the nitro button up to say hi.
Short conversation me saying mostly:  ahhhhhhhaaaaaa I ahhhhhaaaaa AM ahhhhhaaaa T AAHHHAA red.

But noticed that i could hold the pace so tried to hold on. Amazing what some company can do.
A lot is in the head.

We hold together all the way and i ran off just last 100-200 meters.
I have really great finnish, even when i'm totally out of energy. But it's not worth much when the winner is in the car on his way home when i cross the finnish line, hehe

Got 42.30 on 10k. Nothing that is winding up in the Christmas tree. But still feels ok running that on an really bad day.

Want to give a big Congrats to some of my frinds who did really awsome times today, keep it up =)

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