New years run

lördag, december 31, 2011

Today i ran an race called "Nyårs loppet". Direct translation would be New Years run.
An small race that always goes on New years eve, and mostly for fun but some take it seriously. 

Went from home around 10am with Thomas and meet Christian there and signed in.
Freezing cold, -3c today. Should have brought some more cloth.

Wasent feeling so up and dident really high hope for today, mostly that my legs wouldent hurt.
Did an longer warmup than im usually do, was really freezing.
and everything feelt really good.

The start went really fast, the first 2-3 people just flew away.
Keep myself in the first bunch for the first km, then realized that i would like to experice the next year so took down the tempo abit. 

Halfway around 5km i was really tired and unmotivated.
Thought to myself that just keep the tempo and I would come in under 45min.
Found an good pace around 6km and keept in to goal. =)

Time: 43:05, really happy. Ok not an time that will take me to the Olympic games
but the best i done this year. Almost only done long runs in slower tempo.

The winner had: 31:27

The coffe after was so good after the cold run =)

This was awesome finnish for this year, and looking forward to next.


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