Garmin Forerunner 610 - 6 month later

onsdag, december 14, 2011

When u get the watch you are quite excited and i did post an test of it a couple of days after i got it.
Now i had it for 6 month and lets se what happend.

Garmin Forerunner 610 after 6 month.

I got the watch the day before Stockholm Marathon, which i maybe shouldent used right away.
Set tempo instead of pace, but when my hip started to hurt it kind of dident mater, ehhe

I was very happy with the watch then. Now 6 month later i still quite as happy.
I use it pretty much every day even when im not training. Thats where i find one of the issues with this watch and the touch display. It starts of by its self and you notice it when it goes back to power save and keeps vibrating warning.

The second thing is the lower spring holding the wristband failed on me.
Unfortunately during Lidingö loppet (Worlds largest off road running race, according to them) so i had to run 25km and holding it in my hand. I have even meet one more that had the same problem.

Otherwise i cant anything else that its an great watch.
The Gps works great, sometimes it takes some while to get connection but i think its other circumstances rather than the watch.

I love having vibrator rather then the beep warning.

Battery life is still good, i dont have any real tests on it, just that it doesent bother me.
The only thing i think is if i'm going on an long run i charge it the night before, but thats pretty much as if it was new, just in case (u get lost on the run).

The touch displays is great, i tested it down to -2c and no lag or anything. Works good with thick gloves, might be hard to change settings cause its really small but changing display views works great. 

If i would change anything it would be the screen lock, maybe an hard button, and the sprints holding the wristband.

So i give it 4 Paws, 5 if it had an uranium lifetime battery and 1 milisecond gps sync. ;)

Dc Rainmaker has an great revive of it, i always check there before  i get something =)

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