Years first XC Ski'ing

söndag, december 09, 2012

Actually first time in 2 years. Last years I was a bit slow.
I took home the skies from the storage and fixed them up and everything.
By the next day the snow had melted so was just to take em back to the storage again.
Pretty much like my sun chairs this summer, used them 2 times carrying them out and bringing them in. hehe

Last night, night I was at Christmas party with my work. Came home quite early, which I was happy for this morning. The sun was shinning maybe bit cold -12c but i was ready to hit the ski tracks.
Took me around 5 meters and I at least hit the first ditch in the first turn.  I'm probably not gonna make it to the Swedish Crosscountry ski team this year either. hehe

Nice day

Ready to hit the ditch.

Was really fun ski'ing again. And km after it got better and could hold some kind of pace.

Efter that I went to go for an bob ride with my son in my town where I grew upp.
Went down the same slopes as I did as a kid for probably 25 years ago. Was great being here with my son now =).

Me and my son.

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