Great Vaccation

fredag, augusti 12, 2011

Im doing this one in English so everyone gets it.
Havent been so much Swedish last week, almost switched at work.

So last week i've been alot with Alissha and her brother who is visiting from US.
Dident have Anton last week, but we had 2 great weeks before last week.
Had an really great time, best vacation in long time. 

The Highlights was almost the dinners, i had the best chicken wings ever.
All the other food was really amazing. But i really like chicken wings, ehhe
Had thoose really great long summer nights. 

My original plan was 10-15 hours of training, yeah dident really go that way.
But i had 10 times more fun. And 20 beers too much :) Atleast 3 bike rides and 2 runs. =)

Saturday had an little walk in the local woods.

Anton checking out for the trains.
Alissha and Mike

Anton running the fields.

 Sunday we went to Skansen and watched the Animals etc.

Early mornings isent really his thing, hehe

Anton with Stockholm in the background

Alissha and Mike

 This was probably Antons highlight. =)

We out doing some Moutainbike riding also.
First ride was out on Järva fältet, think we were out probably 1,5-2 hours.


Alissha and Mike

Alissha and Mike 

Me and Alissha

Me and Mike

Alissha and Mike

Perfect weather

Mike speeding the gravel

The beer was really good after.

Cats dident do much that day

Second trip was out to Ängsjö and some more riding in the woods.
Dident go as planed. Alisshas pedal broke and that ended that ride.
But we gott some god trail rideing atleast =)

Bike ride 3 
Me and Mike redid the last ride, Alisha bike was fixed but she dident feel so well.
It was raining and the roots was very slippery but we had alot of fun.

Went out fishing one day too.
We got one fish each atleast, if we had some toothpicks we could have made ca napes for an regular sized fish ;)


One of the BBQ Nights

Was an awesome week =)

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